I have an assignment in school, please help me. here is the problem.

Write a program that will read in a weight in ounces and pounds and will ouput the equivalent weight in kilograms and grams.

I have already design the form using netbeans, but i don't know how to implement it without using netbeans or any other IDE since we are not allowed to use it. i attached a preview of how I want it to look. please help me do it.

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Do a google search for java swing examples, find the ones that apply to you, then tinker with it till you get the desired results.

Don't be a victim of the IDE. LEARN the code.

Wait you know how to make the UI but you can't create a simple conversion?

That's not what he said. Netbeans has a graphical Interface builder, so in order to make the GUI he did not need to know very much Java at all. That's the problem. Now he has to make and use the gui without Netbeans' help, and he's lost.

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