I'm currently working on a form using Excel VBA. The form displays graph of a certain area in a worksheet.

How do I create a multiple series chart, with one of the series being a line graph, and the rest being bar graphs? I currently use the multiple-dimension array method to immediately plot the data. All I can do now is plot in multiple bars.

Thanks in advance

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Erm. Nvm about that. I found it already. Didn't know that the ChartType list is longer when you use VB codes. The property window shows very few variations.


Darn. I couldn't find an Edit command, so I post a reply to my own thread instead -_-

Anyway. I integrated the form into the Excel file. How do I make the form work on other PC viewing it. I tried loading it on different PC, but the reference file appears to be missing. THe other PC doesn't have VB6 installed, and mine does. Is there a way for me to make it run on other PC with no VB6 installed?(I figure that's where the library came from. Correct me if I'm wrong)

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