I am 12, mad about computers and skateboarding, im an emo, i know it doesnt sound right that i like programming. anyway, i have started learning c++, only just! I would like to know first of all if it is possible that you can build your own operating system with C or C++? I know it will be overwhelmingly difficult. But I want to learn, second if it is possible and I can learn every single aspect, is it possible to add a GUI to it?

By the way i am not the best in maths (im good, not brill) does that affect me a lot. thank you josh. ;)

if i ever did TRY and make an os, would anyone be interested in helping????

12 years old??? you should be skateboarding and hanging out with kids your own age, not saying by yourself if your house at a computer. This is the time for you to be a kid and learn how to socialize with other people.

BTW: unix operating system was written in C.

Unless your goal is to be the equivalent of an olympic athlete, I agree with Ancient Dragon. But if you're willing to sacrifice other aspects of your life to the pursuit of a goal you hold passionately I guess that's up to you, as long as you are aware that's what you are doing.

Yes, you can build an OS in C or C++. Yes you can add a GUI to it (somehow, I'm assuming your OS has one). No, we aren't sitting around hitting refresh so we can answer every post withing the first couple minutes after it's submitted. Yes, it's possible that somebody might be interested in helping, but it is a vast project and requires a lot of study and a bit of experience to even be able to plan it out, much less implement it. Likely, they'd just be energetic youngsters like yourself. Consider spending a few years learning before you tackle it. Or, once you get pretty familiar with the language(s), you could also try to join some open-source projects to get some insight on how larger scale projects, including OSs, are written.

ok thank you? btw i skateboard and hang around with my mates very day, i am just interested in computers. I spend much more time with my mates than with the pc, thts just sad, but i know what you are saying. Thank you for helping

Oh god, This is an old post.
I was 12 then!

Man I've grown up.
I gave up with the idea, as you probably expected. But now I'm into PHP :)

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