Got a quick question.

I have created a simple automated FTP script that goes out and snags my file, then reads it and drops it into an array. Following that, I want for the script to send a mail out with the contents of array (the recipient and subject are static).

A few things I want to point out:
a) Intermediate at perl, so my code may not be the cleanest.
b) I am using postfix for MTA and it is functioning properly.

I have tried using both open(MAIL) and open(SENDMAIL) but when using these, I get a mail in my Dead Mail box on my mail server showing that the TO was not passed correctly, most likely due to my error...

Script below (MAIL section omitted, as its not working)

$dir = "autorpt";
$file = "AUTOPRT.log";

use Net::FTP;
my $host="*********";

$ftp=Net::FTP->new($host,Timeout=>340) or die "Can't connect";
$ftp->login("*****","*****") or die "Can't Login";
$ftp->cwd("$dir") or die "Can't CD";
$ftp->get("$file") or die "Can't Get";

open(FILE, "$file") or die"Can't Open";
@msg = <FILE>;

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.


Well, disregard this, got it to work.

My error was in the addressing on my print MAIL "To...

Where " should have been '.

Oh well, live and learn.