I would like to know how to load an run a program before windows explorer loads during the booting of Windows 98. This is similar to the loading and running of anti virus software such as Norton which load and run before the loading of windows explorer. I know this is possible by some how tweaking the windows registry. My instructor had implemented a program to authenticate students logging in to their computers when I was a college student. A login form would pop up before loading of windows explorer asking the students to enter their user name and passsword. The system would then boot normally once the the data was verified; otherwise it would give an error message and redisplay the login screen. Does anybody have any idea how this type of authentication can be implemented?

I know of one way this can be acheived.

It is actually pretty simple. You replace the explorer.exe with your own.

The theory is that you rename the original explorer.exe (in the \WINDOWS Directory) and then create your own in Visual Basic. Then when Windows is started your Executable is "executed".

From there you can make a simple shell call to the original (but now renamed) explorer.exe to load the "shell".

This might seem like a 'hackey' method, which is pretty much is, but it works and would work perfectly for such applications as authentication and virus.

Another idea which I'd like to suggest is searching the registry for values similar to that in the "Start up" tab of MSCONFIG

(Start > Run "msconfig" > Startup Tab)

There should be a similar/corresponding string in the registry which will reveal the key location of that particular information. Then you should be able to access the registry and enter your own purpose-specific value/data.

I hope that you are familiar with the Windows 98 Registry! Good Luck!