Friends, is this possible with vb.net. Say i have a software and i want to get the software remotely installed in other pc.

i shall say u with an example: Say in my company i have 100 pc and 1 server. What i want to do is i want to install one software(say made by me) to each and every client(100) machine using there IP or something from the server...

is this possible.. any idea?

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It is possible yes. Providing all the computers have remote desktop enabled you can save the file you want to install somewhere that you can access it from every computer and then log in remotely and install it. the other option is you can use ghosting to do it which means that every machine will have the same programs installed on them.


Ghosting! can u pls give a bit more details about it! it hears interesting!


I have managed to lose all my links on how to ghost however there are a few ways you can do it. The first and most likly the best for what you want to do is is a Program microsoft has recently released for free called Synctoy. Basically you can install this on your server or other computer and it basically syncs up all files and programs on all your other computers.

Another option is a program made by symantec called Ghost which allows you to make copies of entire hard drives and then deploy them like that.

I appologize in advance for anything in this that seems a bit all over the place or hard to understand im half asleep and finding it really hard to concentrate my thoughts if you have anymore questions with anything you dont understand about what i have said just ask and hopefully my brain will be working

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