Hi, I have two questions:
1. I receive a project and I noticed that when I want to compile I have the following options:
Release MinDependecy
Release MinSize
I know only Debug and Release, what are the other options?
What are the meaning when compiling with this options?
2. I have another project a DLL project, How I can Debug it?
When I run start debuging, I receive a window that is written:
Executable For Debug Session
PLease specify the name of the executable file to be used for the debuf session.
Executable file name:
URL where the project can be accessed(ATL Server only):
Thanks :eek:

>>Release MinDependecy
this means the compiler will use as many static libraries as possible when linking your program -- the program will make minimal use of DLLs. This makes it easy for you to run the program on other computers that may not have all the DLLs that the program needs, but will make the final executable program a lot larger than those which were not compiled this way.

2. You can only debug a DLL through an application program that calls the functions in the dll. I write a small test program that just makes DLL calls.