Hello newbie here! I'm a student working on a small project with Visual Basic Express. I'm about finishing my project and been trying to publish it to a CD. This project contains labels which read data from text files stored in the bin directory and a login database. But I dont know how these are added to the deployed program. Tried adding to prequisites and applicatiosn or resources but wouldn't work. On running the deployed program, it can't find the pathway of the database nor ext files as they are wrong and the bin directory isn't deployed with program. So OLEDB connection to login database.
This may sound easy but help highly appreciated please! Thanks.

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Well I wouldn't store any required files in the bin directory, but rather the application root directory. Move the files their and adjust the links or mappings accordingly and try again.

thanks for the useful tips guys... i think i got the solution :)

How about you not post to 4 year old threads... dolt.

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