:) hello frnds
i wana ask one question about my project.
i m dng the project of family tree.
in wch many relationships r considered.if one person make his own family tree thn another parson in his family can make the relation ship wth him.and tht will specify the relatinship among them.tht i wana specify eth relation name.
plzz,anyone can help me in this task.wht coding actually take place here.
how can i make this relationship.

First, if you wish to receive help, use proper grammar and SPELLING.
Second, show us what code you have to this point, and we will try to help you through the parts you are stuck on.

sorry for my misteak.actually my english is not perfect.i want code that make ralationship between two person in family tree.i know here i want to use loop conditions but how that please explain.If again there any misteak then plz try to understand and plz help me.