Hi guys,

Currently I am developing a window forms application using VB.NET. Yet, I have a problem in forms navigation.

The problem is :
Now I have created 3 forms. Let say form 1, form 2 and form 3.
Now, I want to navigate from form 1 to form 2, and from form 2 to 3 then form 3 back to form 1 again. Its time i navigate to the next form..i want to make sure that the previous form is closed.

In this case, Do you guys have any solutions for it?

I am using vb 2005 express.
Double click on the "My Project" in Solution Explorer. Under the Application tab, lower left hand side, you will see Shutdown Mode. In the dropdown box select "When last form closes".
Now in a button in form1 put


You will do the same thing in form2 and form3.
Notice the order. If you do Me.Close first the program ends, so, always open the next form before closing the current form.

Thanks for your reply, I couldn't find the shutdown mode when I followed the procedure given by you. I think is because I am using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 not 2005.

So any idea about it regarding of the problem I posted previously?

I think "Shutdown Mode" is new to vbe 2005. Try the code anyway.

I will do further researchs abou the code, Anyway thanks for your helps! :)