Hi, I Hold a MS degree in Information Systems and I work in a University as a turore, I am to tutore visual basic 6 for next semester, I sont know where to start? I dont know anything about VB. I know Pascal, fortran, and C++ but I have no idea about VB. Please help me to get started?!

I had a intructor in my technical college that needed to teach Beginners C++ to us because of an unforunate accident that didn't allow the original instructor to teach it. Basically he bought books and read them and picked one for the class and was one or two steps ahead of the class in the book and taught it that way thru the whole semester. I wish I could of had a more experienced teacher teaching me it but we got by.

Since you are only tutoring and not actually teaching the class then it would make more sense for you to get a hold of the book(s) the class will be using and read that and start on some projects. Plus you can always post here and I and many others can help in any way.


I know very little C++. I can only do simple comsole programs with it. I wish I had a teacher teaching me it. It's somewhat confusing reading the textbook by yourself(other than the basics. I think I got as far as arrays. just the pointers confuse me, along other things).

I started VB a long while ago, and yet I still don't know about VB. at least I can make something out of it.

....Plus you can always post here and I and many others can help in any way.

Yeah, I'll try and help as much as can, and I'll learn as much as I can about VB and other things.