:idea: im currently working on mechanical design based project . plateform is windows & language is c++ ,& for gui(graphical user interface) vc++, in vc++ when i run the code in debug mode it runs successfully,but when i run the same code in release mode it mostly create error like " undefined identifier" for some variable name . so dear sirs why this error is comes in only release mode .where is the problem actually im not writting code here due to security reason of my company they r not given this grant to me .
wiating for the ur precious reply.

:?: virendra

undefined identifier means a variable is being used before it is declared. If it compiles ok in debug mode and not release mode then there is probably a conditiional compile statement somewhere, something like this:

#ifdef _DEBUG
int x;

I would compile again for debug, move the cursor to the line and symbol name where the error uccurs, right click with mouse, then select "Go to definition" from the popup menu. VC++ IDE will move the cursor to the place where the symbol is defined. There you will probably find a conditional compile statement similar to the one I posted above.