Hi all, was curious about linking in VS .NET 2005 (Non Express Edition). I'm getting a huge flagdown of LNK2001 errors(about 2100 errors, distributed throughout each object file to be linked). I'm sure my libraries are correctly setup and are working. The one's the code I'm compiling is dependant on anyway. I've gotten rid of msvcrt in linking options, along with libcmt, and libc. I'm compiling a project that uses mysqlclient.lib and zlib.lib, along with the perl\core libs. I've been assured the code compiles with the settings I have, any idea what's going on with my compiler? I've tried compiling a couple of simple things, along with the lib's mentioned before, no probs. Even a dll or two. I have no idea what's going on, any idea's?

(BTW, code is huge, I couldn't post it on here without a hugeheadache scroll. Multiple sources is what I mean, about 150+)

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why did you remove those libraries from the link options? what are a few of the missing functions ? You obviously are missing some libraries, but you have to find out which ones.

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