Hi everyone,

I am a computer teacher in the midwest that is going to have to teach a unit on QBASIC very shortly! i am really a science teacher and would love a little help.

i am looking for short, 10 lines or so, programs that the kids can type in and see something neat.

also i have some code that they can use, but it wasn't originally qbasic, and the random numbers are written differently. can anyone tell me how to write the following line in qbasic (i think this code is originally for commodores!)

30 LET R=INT (100 * RND ( :idea: )) + 1

with :idea: = a box on my paper, don't know what the box is, but a long time teacher here says it was a key on the old computers!!

Also any sights with tutorials that 8th and 9th graders might like, or a sight explaining programing in qbasic in simple terms. In short any online sites that can be read by children and deal with qbasic.

Any help is appriciated, thank you in advance.

Russell Gregory

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Russell, There are still plenty of QB sites out there many of them having downloads of programs.

The ABC archives are still out there too (All Basic Code). which has code
dating back to the early to middle 90's.

There are some tutorials around too. How good I don't know.
The QB help (Shift F1) is good for many of the statements with some giving
examples (especially using QuickBasic 4.5 instead of Qbasic).


that image would be a number. RND(x) would give a number bewtween 0 and X. INT isn't necessary.

R = 100*RND(X) + 1

So why is a teacher with no QB knowledge teaching a class on it?

So why is a teacher with no QB knowledge teaching a class on it?

Ahh, you assume a lot. I didn't say I have no QB knowledge or that I am teaching a QB class. If your not familiar with middle school teaching, a unit is a group of related lessons. A unit can be from 2 days to a month or longer. This unit will be three days. I have extensive computer applications knowledge, but have last had BASIC when i was a junior in HS. i still remember quite a bit, but was asking for help to locate very specific sites from knowledgable people on the subject.

When I was in middle school, we had something called a mini-course. Everyone in a class would go for a period per day to another teacher's classroom and learn about different social studies subjects. Every few weeks, we'd rotate.

Rusti, If you get QuickBasic 4.5 it has lots of examples (in the help) that may be just the thing. Plus it has a compiler. There is also version 4.0 and version
7.x (PDS). Version 4.5 remains the most popular and has a pretty good help

I think that PRINT and LOCATE rowparam,colparam are good starting points (as in a "Hello, World" program.)

Also, I hope you will teach the three types of program structures (linear sequencing, loops and branching) for which you need only FOR ... NEXT (ask the students to add all the numbers from 1 to 1000 or whatever) and IF ... THEN (ask them to add only the odd numbers.)

Hmmm... i have only 3-4 days and many of my students have trouble reading very simple text. I also teach at a federal poverty school. I will have accomplished something if my students make a real connection between code and output.

By the way, if anyone is looking for similar infromation to what I was, there is a very good site out there called qbasic.com (who knew?) that has tutorials and simple codes availibe. A great site.

The unit is over and went very well! Thanks to those that responded.


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