Hello everyone. If you're a regular Perl user you might already know this; the developers of Perl 6 are using a prototype version of the Perl 6 interpreter written in Haskell to do various "proof of principle" testing. It's called Pugs (maybe a pun on the Haskell interpreter Hugs). However, the developers' website states that a parallel project called Parrot is the "final target for the Perl 6 interpreter". Parrot is written in C and does sound quite cool, as its designed to compile various languages (including Perl 6) into a common bytecode.

But my question is, why not stick with Haskell as the dev language for the production Perl 6 interpreter? I don't have anything against C, except that it seems to be used for building all and sundry. If the developers have found that another language provides a usefull platform for development, why not be diverse and stick with it? I know some might say that C allows the most portable programs to be written, but I think this can be true of various languages if they have good enough libraries bundled with them. Just my opinion. What do others think?