Hi everyone iam trying to learn awt and applets. The code below has compiled well but when i run it iam getting an Exception in thread main "Java.lang.NoSuchMethodError". Could any1 pls tell me where i have gone wrong.

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
public class ButtonTest extends Applet
Button b1;
public void init()
Button b1= new Button("OK");

Are you trying to run this program as a console application? Applets are not run the same way console applications are in Java. Java.exe is used to run applications whereas AppletViewer.exe is used to run applets.


~Tyler S. Breton

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Your applet runs just fine in a web browser. But as Tyler said, this program will not run as a console application.

Hi Dukane ,

I ve run it using an appletviewer and webbrowser. But iam facing the same problem. I continue to get the same error which i have specified bfore. I ve even checked my browser settings(firefox) and enabled Java for it. I ve also saved both the html and java file in the same directory still the problem continues.

Compiles and runs fine for me.

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Try updating your JRE and JDK. I have the latest version and it works fine for me. I made no changes.

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