Well as of late the only coding that i know is HTML coding, and thats because it is fairly straight forward and easy to do. Ive tried some C programming before i even had the big sams teach yourself book, but it didnt help much, it was too long and not very interactive. i had a hard time learning with its tutorials because the book never showed how to bring it all together. it only showed, he you have a for statment this is how you can use it, but not, he you have a for statement, it can be used several ways lets see how. Im basicly looking for a good book on it, not a big 400 page book, but a nice short one, with tutorials on building programs, and not just the simple printf("hello world") string. the most ive done is using C to make temperature converters and such. but i was hoping to build somthing more from it.

Does anyone know of any good reads that are indepth but not filled with useless text and by that i mean tons of pages that go off topic about where C and C++ originated and why. i just want to get my hands dirty in it and learn it like the rest. im not looking to go and become a software engineer, its just somthing that i would like to learn and am willing to learn if someone would be willing to take me under their wing and teach me. My dads been Coding since as far back as i can remember but he's doesnt have the time to get in depth and teach me how to do it (dont get me wrong its not that he doesnt want to, its that his job is demanding, leave at 10 in afternoon, home by 11:00 at night on a good night).

Im willing to learn, and willing to improve given that someone is willing to take the time to teach. i may not catch on as fast as the rest but ill be willing to keep on trying.

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I would get a Linux box and install all of the programming languages on it so that you would have a clean, legal, and stable programming environment. All of the Microsoft tools will cost you $$, and Visual is not where you want to start programming.

After that is all setup, go find Deitel and Deitel (father / son) book called C++ How To Program. My copy is ISBN 0-13-117334-0. It will take you through all the motions of C and C++ programming (it is focused on C++ though). It is one of the few books I kept from college.

Write some things, and post here for help if you need it. While we won't solve everything for you, we will walk you through the motions with ideas on where to start, or how you may approach things.




thanks, do you recomend any C/C++ compilers in particular? also, do you know of any direct links to downloading Linux free? im a linux noob and have only used Windows for my computer needs. ( though i have a machine that i can run as a linux box )


Yea there are a lot of free compilers.


I would recommend Borland.If you get linux there a compiler with usually.

If you dont had a connection above or equal to ADSL then dont try downloading any big distros.Since you are new to linux: linux does not come in a zip file.It is spread across multiple files and some are huge (eg RedHat 650 mb).

Buy a cd, it's the best if you are a newbie as you will never be able to install a package from the web without knowing a lot.The red hat site has a lot in way of docs.

You will need to partition your harddrive.Partion Magic is good.


Now there are some altra small linuxes(with out fancy graphics of course)

Check this out

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