05)What is the purposes of the Followings?
These are located in device manager list………………Under System devices
a) ACPI Fixed Feature Button
b) ACPI Sleep Button
c) Direct Memory Access Controller
d) ISAPNP Read Data Port
e) Microcode Update Device
f) Microsoft ACPI- Compliant System
g) Numeric data Processor
h) PCI bus
i) Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator
j) System CMOS /real time clock
k) System Speaker
l) System timer
m) Terminal Server Device Redirector
n) VIA CPU to AGP Controller
o) VIA Standard PCI to ISA Bridge
p) VIA Tech CPU to PCI Bridge

is there a common name for these ?
Can I write like this ? if can how…..? if u can give me a code sample………if u can have a link to refer this subject plz give me………………..

First of all, this is in the wrong forum. This has nothing to do with C/C++ programming. The hardware forums is the correct section.

Secondly, we aren't going to just do your homework for you. There is an announcement regarding this.

Lastly, haven't you ever heard of Google? Google will be able to find just about anything. If you don't understand a specific item, feel free to post it.

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