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Hi - I am unable to log into hotmail since I have installed a new Netgear w614 wireless router. All other web pages work just fine but when I go and enter my username and password the browser tries to go to the mail inbox but instead it give me the following error "The page cannot be displayed".

I have been researching the problem and I have tried the following without any luck:

1. Disconnected the Router from the chain and connected my PC (win XP) directly to the ADSL modem and still no hotmail.

2. With the wireless router disconnected I tried to access hotmail using Mozilla on the XP PC but still no success

3. I brought the router back in the chain and made sure the MTU sizes on the Wireless router, ADSL modem and XP PC are all 1500.

4. I have done the ping test to hotmail with size 1472 and I get replies without fragmenting the packets so I know that 1472 + 28 = 1500 is an acceptable MTU size.

5. I have tried to access hotmail through Microsoft outlook with no success

Now I am out of ideas and really praying that one of you will know how to resolve this situation. Can anyone help please?


Have to tried rebooting your modem??

Good luck!

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Yup, even hit the reset button on the ADSL modem when it was directly connected to the PC but still no luck.

Any other ideas?
Really appreciate it guys...