Hello ladies and gents,

Was wondering if any of you could help me out with the following, sometime ago I had to reinstall MS V++ EE and ever since then, when I enter for instance 'std::' or 'cin.' I don't get a list with all the possibilities it has, normally I had like a list for cin. like get, clear, ignore, etc...

Can any of you tell me how I can activate that again? Hope you understand what I mean, was difficult to explain it correctly.

Thank you.

I assume the feature you're talking about is MSVC++'s IntelliSense. You should be able to show the list by pressing CTRL+J after the scope operator for classes/namespaces, or the period operator for objects.

Note - This works in MSVC++ .NET 2003 SE. If it doesn't work for your version, check Microsoft's site for IntelliSense.

I do believe it is related to Intellisense, because when I enter for instance
std:: I get a message: 'No additional information available'. It's that information I want again.

In the past, when I entered std:: --> I got a list with all possibilities, the same for instance with cin. --> I got a list with for example get, clear, ignore, etc...

It's not the shortcut Ctrl-J I'm after, it's the above.

That's odd - if intellisense is telling you that there's no information available, that suggests its not been disabled (I'm not even sure if you can disable it anyway) I'd suspect either a bug in MSVC++, or something has gone wrong with intellisense's lookup (maybe its database has gotten corrupted somehow?)

Sometimes in MSVC++ 2003 it gets confused by template template types (Especially if you manage to make a typo), and that can cause it to stop working, but usually only temporarily.

Maybe it would be worth creating a whole new Win32 Console project, just in case something 'weird' has happened to your current one. Try writing a 'hello world' app or something simple just to see if it works in there.

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Try writing a 'hello world' app or something simple just to see if it works in there.

Yep, that did the trick Bench, thank you :!:

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