can anybody help me by writing a code for opening my web connection.
it locks itself after some time as it is password protected and i have to open it again.The thing is that i actually leave my computer on to download stuff and when i come back it locks itself as it is unattended for a specific time

This looks more like something your internet provider is doing to keep cost down!

If you just want to download, you can use wget with the --user and --password options with a frontend to call it at specific times. I don't know if that will solve the problem, but it does have a resume option, so you at least won't have to start over again.

the thing is i keep it unattended as i have to go to school and all so i cant exactly open the connection as there is nobody in the house;so i need to automate it and as far as i can see the only possible way is a python program .

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