I'l be starting my graduation project in a few more weeks, and my group members and I still havent found the right topic. We've all been reasearching and all, but we still need more ideas. One of the ideas that we came up with is a text paraphraser. We enter the computer some text, then that text gets paraphrased, after that we type in a question related to the text, and we get the correct answer to that question. Another was a translator, that searches multiple web-based dictionaries in different languages so that we can translate from any language into any other. These are just ideas we came up with, and im hoping that you guys would be able suggest other interesting things. We would be using C++ to write the code, since we have more experience in C++ than any other programming languages.

I've read some old threads in this forum for people asking this same questions, but i didnt understand the ideas that people suggestted.

Looking forward to hear your ideas and suggestions, any articles, websites, etc, would be greatly appreaciated [IMG]http://www.thescripts.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG]


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The project is going to depend on what tools you have available. For example, if you are comfortable with STL and trees you could try to implement a B or a B+ tree class using the guidelines for an STL container.


Thanks for the idea, yes we can use STL, I've never heard about B or B+ trees, but i'l research and i'l tell my team members about it.
Thanks so much for the idea...........I'd love to hear more ideas!!

thanks :D


B(+) trees would be just writing a data structure, which I would imagine would be a little below the scope of your project. However, you could incorporate them into a basic database engine (since that's one of the biggest uses of B-trees). That might be a little over the top, depending on your timeline...

One way to get an idea might be to think of some program you use a lot but wish it had feature X different. For example, you might want a media player with something different from what you use. It's kinda hard to just suggest something without knowing your interests and skills though...

And I would hesitate to lock yourself into a language before deciding on a project. The overhead of learning a new language might slow you down at first, but it could end up saving you development time once you get used to it. Besides, then you'd have one more language to put on your resume ;)

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