Hi, i just started taking java in uni and im a little stumped, our assignment is to do this.

Complete the body of the following method, as indicated by the comment:

class Q2 {

/** Sort the 'partially sorted' array 'p' into nondecreasing order.
    Requires: 0 <= i <= p.length and 'p' consists of two sorted pieces
    p[0..i-1] and p[i..p.length-1] in nondecreasing order.
    @param p  partially sorted array.
    @param i  starting index of second sorted piece of p. */

public static void sortTogether(int[] p, int i) {

  int i0 = 0;
  int i1 = i;
  int[] temp = new int[p.length];
  int t = 0;
  while (i0 < i && i1 < p.length) {
    if (p[i0] < p[i1]) {
      temp[t] = p[i0];
    } else {
      temp[t] = p[i1];

  // Use arraycopy (perhaps more than once) to complete
  //  the method. Do not use any more loops.


Im not quite sure where to begin, or even what im supposed to do, any help would be appreciated.

start reading the assignment. It tels you where to start AND what to do...