hi, i want to add library to borland c++ it consist of header files and .lib files I try to put the header files in include file and .lib in lib file but they still not working, does that mean the .lib files are corrupted

I dunno, depends on what you mean by "not working".

Does it mean "file not found"
Does it mean "the file seems to be corrupt".

Also, how did you 'include' it?
Did you do something like
#include "file.lib" // this is wrong
Or something else?

Where did you get the .h/.lib from? Did it say that it was suitable for use with your compiler (including the version of your compiler). .lib file formats vary between compilers and versions of compilers.

i include only the header files and i put the path of the .lib to recognize that but when i try to use it's function it did not work

ok i think the problem is clear but i will try to explain what exactly what happen. the library is about socket and one of it's function is
socket() when i compile the program an error is raised and it said
undefined symbol socket().

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