I am total novice, but I must solve this problem very quick and need help. Problem:I’ve been given a file
1 2 15
1 3 16
2 3 20
and so on…First two values of the input file represents graph nodes and the third one is distance between them. I know the number of nodes(in previous example number of nodes is 4, counting starts from 0)
I need perl code that makes a matrix that looks like this:
0 0 0 0
0 0 15 16
0 15 0 20
0 16 20 0
Thanks in advance!!!

You can do many things, the easiest of which to describe would be to use an array and fill it with nested for loops. As long as you have the same number of data in each row, accessing the data is a simple matter of dividing your array into n parts.

2x4 matrix:


array structure: