I want to know how to implement semaphore without the use of while or any if statement
The Problem is
Thread A , B , C they all want to output the result at the same time
A wants ot print 'A'
B wants to print 'B'
C wants to print 'C'
the output must be 'ABC'. I do not know how to do this.Please help me with the same

Post your attempt and maybe then we would be able to help you out...

actually i am a newbie to semaphore so i cannot even think about it. I know i sound a bit too wierd but im messed up with it...i have seen a lot of codes but i really have not seen practical implemention of that ....so wanted to test with the abouve snippet

Here is information you need. After creating a semaphore your program calls one of the wait functions to gain access to it. When the ReleaseSemaphore() is canned another thread that is waiting will be released.

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