I am a student of comuter enginnering 6thsem. I have to make a project based on java. Please help me by suggesting an award winning project.

Commuter Engineering. Does this mean that you sit beside the highway counting cars and attempting to think of a better way to get that many people through that area? ;-)

Here are a few, but you should really think for yourself:
All the other standard projects.

you can search this site for other suggestions made not so long ago

I've written a chess project...
And they are a lot of fun to make, but very time consuming, and you need to do research into it first, so if time is a constraint try checkers, or some other project.

I will be happy to help if you choose to do chess or checkers

When will the kiddos ever learn to think for themselves, or lacking that at the very least use a search engine?

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