I am doing alredy 3 months on big program. The program solve equation. There is still a lot of things i have to repair, but it works fine;)For example, it can solve this:(5/x)/(4/x)+5*(5x+6)=|x+5|+x. The solution is: -1.14130434783
But i have different problem. Maybe you know program like this:
Well, i need something like that into mine program. Because users sometimes cant write equation correct.You know, some brackets and so.. 5+x/6 isn't same as (5+x)/6. They need to see an image of the equation. But i think it will be very hard to programme. Maybe you know some modul which can do this.I just call and it will return TkPhotoImage... Or if you have some other ideas how to solve it, write it her please.
I am working on Windows XP, Tkinter
Sory my english ;), i am young and i have to learn a lot of thins :idea:

Thanks for all ideas.. Blujacker

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Ok, i rewrite my program into WxPython. Is there some way to solve my question?

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