Hi everybody, I'm so new with Visual Studio 2005!!!! It has bunch of functions that I don't understand on how it works, does anybody have idea on how to debut my code? I wrote a class program that will receive 2 integers from the main methods, but I don't know how to use this sucker to debug my code??? Do I have to add project inside my solution file? Also, how to create the .DLL file? Which I think is needed to debug using main method and reference? I don't get all of these.. please if anybody willing and kind enough to explain to me on how this sucker works :( I'm really desperate.. I wrote codes but don't know how to use the program :(

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
string store = StoreLocator.LocateNearestStore(3, 7);

this is my code for the main method...

Numerous questions. My advice is to read various tutorials on t'internet. I used this site when I was learning:

It's rather brief so some programming knowledge is required, but it gets you going and plenty of sample code.

Here is an MS link about debugging (which is simple, it's really just F5 plus any Breakpoints where you want to see what's happening. Pressing F11 will let you step through with the Breakpoints to see what's being passed into variables etc.

For creating a DLL right click on the project you want, select Properties, click the Application tab, and changte the Output type to Class Library. When you compile that project it will create a DLL. You can then click References and add the newly created DLL.

Rather brief explanations, but you asked rather broad questions. Still hope it helps though.

Put a break point on the line
string store = StoreLocator.LocateNearestStore(3, 7);
and press F5, press F11 when on this line, and it will take you into your StoreLocator class.LocationNearest method. From there, press F10 to execute to the next line, or F11 when you want to drill into another method.

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