I am using Fedora Core 5 32+bit as my os but not using a particular development tool as of now and just sticking to the normal text editor called the KWrite. I am learning C++ and MySQL on my own and want to know if the connection between the two is possible. People say it is and one of my previous question on this very forum also gave me the hint that and I am on the right track by going for the installation of a C++ wrapper called MySQL++ from here.


After downloading the file mysql++-2.2.0.tar.gz (2.6 MB, 2007.01.23) and also untaring/unzipping it on the desktop, a folder called mysql++-2.2.0 was created on the desktop. I went into the folder and read all the readme/install files, but I am no where near a successful installation due to my lack of proper guide to the installation of the same. Can you please help. I have been working on this for quite a while now. Just a few pieces of step by step instruction and the rest will be fine. Thanks.

what did you try? I think you have to first run the .config program which will configure the source to your computer. Then you run the make utility which will compile and install the libraries. This is the standard way that *nix source files are distributed. Some of these tasks require root permissions, so you may have to log in as root before attempting to run the make install utilities.