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Here is a site which has video lecturses on C and C++ which are downloadable

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Thank you very much.
I'm thinking that this could be include in the resources for C/C++ section, by a moderator.

I don't have a problem with the link, but please don't cross post it again.

HeyThis is C and C++ area so every one working on C and C++ comes, right? So I feel this is right place to post. Dont you think so?

>So I feel this is right place to post.
I feel that your first post was in the right place. If someone wants to add the C or C++ relevant links from that site to our resources sticky, that's fine. Otherwise, cross posting the same thing to multiple forums is not acceptable.

i have problem in downloading c++ lectures

Welcome to the transient nature of the internet.

And don't go sending people private messages about it either. Especially PMs that are so utterly vague that it's impossible to know what you're trying to do...

Or rather, indeed just don't send any at all.

thank you very much

Thank you for collection of you tube videos in your site.
I wonder if authors will be pleased to see you embedding heir videos without giving them credit for that!

I hope you will be honest to do so

http://www.learnerstv.com contains more than 10,000 free video lectures which can be downloaded..including c++ video lectures in computer subject category

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