i am creating a notepad with the help of menu editor but i have problem to create a menus codes like when i click on the new then open a new form in same form and other menus also

Have you just started using Visual Basic? If you have, I suggest driving down to your library or book store and taking out or buying Visual Basic 6 For Dummies. That was my first book on VB6, and it helps a lot. After that book (~400pgs) you can pretty much write a basic to semi-advanced notepad program.

If you want to "open a new form in same form," you have to make your first form (Form1?) a MdiParent and then make the other little forms all children of it. It's like mother goose and at story time you just make the forms appear and they listen to what your menu's have to say/uhh sing?

Hope this helps. But really, try taking out that book.