I noticed on this forum and on the web when I go over a link or a double green underline link an info window is presented. How can this be achieved - any code samples would be appreciated ..

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Well yes and no - I can use Javascript and call that function with Dot NET - or register that function. Here is what I am trying to achieve an Information Window to Popup (With out being a Popup Window) - kind of like a Tooltip but more customizable.. and I do not want any popup blockers to smash it, as it is for information to the user only..
I was thinking to use Iframe to do it - but not sure that this is the best route to go for all browsers...

Do you wanna do that in dotnet. Cos that's a javascript thing.


Ok maybe it is - there is not much differences Vb.NET and Web Vb.NET exept for the web control. But for the sake of argument.. Someone mouses over the Double Underline link - or even over the link on these forums and they get a nice window of information, that is not a popup.. Got any code or any info to help ? Or just the same; sounds like this is that or the other thing.

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