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Yeah we aren't allowed to help with homework unless effort has been shown. But to get you started:

java myprog

is actually asking java to execute the file myprog.class so of course you must have compiled it first.
By typing:

java myprog data1 data2 data3

you cause args to store the following information:

args[0] = "data1"
args[1] = "data2"
args[2] = "data3"

You can find out how many elements are stored in args by using the fact that it's an array:

len = args.length;

Note that length is variable, not a method as with the String class. Well that's a good start off I'm sure :) Oh check out http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/essential/environment/cmdLineArgs.html

All the best!


thnks for the help i'll show what i've donew soon..... and hopefully you can show me wht to do frm then on... thanks

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