I have been trying for two days to figure this one out, been all over the web and cant find much that helps. I am new to 2005 and want to use it in place of vb6. The problem I am haveing is I need to be able to open and close the serial port in code so I can use the rts to key a ham radio. Thast it, all I need is for eample, if the letter a is sent....

if y=a
(open serial port code)
sleep 50 ' activate dot code
(close serial port code)
sleep 50 'wait
(open serial port code)
sleep 400 'activate dash code
(close serial port code)
end if

Normally I woul be using a case statement but you get the idea

For theliofe of me, I can't get the serial port to work yet in vb2005
I came close last night but I got "you are not authorized to open the serial port")...On my home computer. Ill figure that one out later

I realize tha this post is a little late as I just read your message. Did you get this problem solved? I too am a ham (W1HY) and been programming the serial port. If you still need help with this you can contact me here as well as W1HY@arrl.net