Hi all,
I got a SELECT QUERY name "Q: Naming Assignments" in MS ACCESS which do the naming assignment for all the products in my company. In this query, i inner join several tables comprises (T:Supplier Code, T: Manufacture Date, T: Country Code, T: Material Code, T: Assignments , T: Status and more tables)to provide information of all product to the naming assignment column for naming. The naming assignment Field (column) has the following code in the SELECT QUERY,

String: [Supplier Code]!Company & [T: Manufacture]!Date & [Material Code]!MaterialCode & [T: Assignments]!Batch & [T: Assignments]!TSNO & [T: Country Code]!Code

Which produce a naming such as ( C 07310k1 5607 M ) unique for the products base on their information from others table. But now, my question is how i gonna used the naming as a searh key in my VB form which help me update the status of the product?
Basically, what i'm trying to do is using a vb form to update the status of product by the product naming in the "Q:Naming Assignments". Since it has all the information on the query table, i try to use the select query as a RecordSource in the form and try to bind them to the data fields on the form.

strSQL = "SELECT Naming, Company ,..... FROM [Q: Naming Assignments] WHERE Naming = '" & strInput & "' "
    Adodc.RecordSource = strSQL

But it gave me error for that , and i think SELECT QUERY can't be used in such way...
So what should i do then? or any suggestion?
Really appreciated if anyone can provide me some valuable opinion...


you need not use "[Q: Naming Assignments]"
Instead of that, just enter the Query Name. in Square Brackets.
Remove "Q:"
That should work fine.