I'm using the free Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition
My problem: I have a main form with my options (save, open, etc).
I have a form to handle my Open (I'm opening multiple data-tables) and use a masterList.txt to keep track of my current data-tables, and display them in a list box for easy access.

I need the Open form to finish before the rest of my Sub fuction is executed (basically I need the name of the data-table to open before I try to open it)

I'm fairly new to vb, and have done some research

Project.Open.Show vbModal is apparently suppose to do it. But I get an error "Name 'vbModal' is not decalred"

Thanks in advance for any pointers/help

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After a couple hours of pounding my head... I figured it out. For anyone with the same problem it's really easy.
VB2005 has a .ShowDialog() which makes the forms modal, and a .Show for modaless forms.

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