I request to all the programers plzzzz help me out in this assignment.
its not for me but for my boss's doughter. i made a mistake by deleting it from the USB now she have to submit it within two weeks plz help me Since i have no background in c++. i wish n hope that u people will really help me as u always helps others.

Thanx :sad:

Salem commented: That's the lamest excuse yet - still won't get you free homework -1

I sure am not what you would call and experienced programmer. but I can say that the folks here are more than willing to lend a hand to folks who ask. ( they have helped me more than once) The catch is that those seeking help must demonstrate that they have made an effort to solve their own problem. Assuming that what you say is true, you are in effect asking someone on this board to complete your boss's daughter's work for her even the reason is because you lost it. No one here is going to do someone elsese work for them for any reason. They have spent to much studying and getting frustrated with hard assignments to get where they are to just give someone a free pass. This is an extreemly difficult discipline and not to be taken lightly. show some effort and a flood gate of help will open.

I thought it might be a simple progam!!!!!

I feel sorry for your boss's daughter.

Well, It seems like your in a bit of pickle. but something i amm willing to say, is i have done something similar to this project at the holiday in express' in the Toronto Area. Mine was a gui, and i am willing to share the code with you, and help you out the best i can to make this boom for your boss's daughter. My only question is... is would you like to the coding, if i give examples, or would you need me to do it, and would you like GUI applpication, or console application (DOS, or Windows based) ?

if you have any questions further please feel free, to contact me at: << snipped >> .. i will do the best i can to help you

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