need help in image quantizing using borland c++..

i do not have much knowledge about it..

got to change a 24bit image to a 8 bit not have any idea on how to do it.. pls help... and the deadline is in 24hrs time..


I suppose the easiest one to explain is to take the 8:8:8 (8 bits red, 8 bits green, 8 bits blue) and turn it into 3:3:2 format.

This is simply a matter of taking the top 3 bits of red and green, and the top 2 bits of blue, and combining those into a single byte.

hi, thanks for the reply.. i know by changing from 888 to 332 would be the easiest way..

but i am unable to get the code to do it using borland..:sad:

What have you tried?

Something involving & and >> and << perhaps ?

Post an attempt.

his attempt consisted entirely of condensing his homework assignment into a few lines of text that have little to do with each other and clicking the "post" button...

Well, it seems like the "24 hour" part is up by now, so it doesn't matter anymore, does it?