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I am using the following items in my s/w....
Reporting Toolkit: Crystal Report (CR 11).
S/W Front End: Visual Basic 6.0 with Service Pack 6
Back End RDBMS: Microsoft Access 2000

I am almost done with CR 11 and its integration into my s/w. Great Thanks !! to some really experienced guys.

I have successfully been able to create a Visual Basic 6 s/w which can generate reports based on user selected information from a form at runtime, with the criteria that CR 11 product is not required to be installed on the clien'ts / end-user's PC.

But... just before the report is going to genereate itself, I get a dialog box window that pops-up asking for the exact location of the .MDB datbase file. This dialog box has a BROWSE button by which i can locate the database file manually, thus inturn the report is generated. I have attached an image showing this pop-up box.

But this is not the way I want it to work. I mean why is it not getting the database location via code, even though i have used ....App.Path syntax ??

This is not the only code, there's much more but I dont think that is related to this issue....

Dim rpt As New CRAXDDRT.Report
rpt.Database.SetDataSource (App.Path & "\XYZ.mdb")

In the code snippet above, " rpt " is the Report object.

The second line is the syntax i have used for locating the .MDB database file via code. Is it incorrect ??

The ".ReportSource" & ".ViewReport" props display the report.

Awaiting urgent response....