"ListFiles.java": Duplicate definition of class milestonemyworkspace.ListFiles, defined in H:\SDI\MileStoneMyworkspace\MileStoneMyWorkSpace\src\milestonemyworkspace\ListFiles.java and also defined in H:\SDI\MileStoneMyworkspace\MileStoneMyWorkSpace\src\milestonemyworkspace\listFiles.java.

The bugs says theres a duplicate class but as you can see on the image the files look normal.

I have no idea whats wrong I tried deleting the class and repasting to another class but that didnt work.

You see the two Paths you listed? Those are not the same file. Take a close look at the actual Filenames, then delete the one in lowercase.

I did delete it now. But it still says the same error

I even searched through my entire files and thier is no more list files with a lowercase yet it still wont work

remove the compiled classes as well. Either find them by hand or do a clean build of the entire project.

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