I am trying to write a program to print a file to a printer.

havent gotten fery far till I started to go ary, here is the listing so far.

// This Program is to print a file listing with line numbers to Printer.
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
int line = 0, page = 0;
int main( int argv, char *argc[] )
    char buffer[256];
    FILE *fp;
    printf("Enter File Name.\n ");
    scanf("filename.ext" );
    printf("%d",filename.ext "\n" );
    system( "PAUSE" );
    return 0;

I'm thinking that the SCANF is not capturing the filename.ext thier for

ofcourse it will not print is the following statement.

any assistance would be greatly Appreciated.

Thank you


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> scanf("filename.ext" );
What is this line supposed to do?

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> scanf("filename.ext" );
What is this line supposed to do?

it is to capture input of a filename & extention
from the keyboard.


And how does scanf know where to put this captured data?

When was the last time you looked at the format of a scanf() command? And while you're at it, read this about scanf()

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