For those of you who haven't heard of or used AutoHotKey check it out here http://www.autohotkey.com for the rest of you I made a really simple script for Dev-C++ to add some speed to it. (I had more in the script but they were things only I would remember and wouldn't be used by the general public :) )

Dev-C++ Hotkeys and Autoreplacements
#IfWinActive, Dev-C++
RShift & Enter:: Send endl  ;Shift+Enter sends "endl"

Pressing { sends puts cursor on a new line
then makes it {} and places cursor between brackets

If you don't have AutoHotKey and you don't want to download it there is an attached executable that does the same exact thing but you don't have to have AutoHotKey Installed, just run in before you open Dev-C++ and it'll work just the same.

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If anyone can think of any other pseudo-features that would be helpful just give me a shout and I'll write the script for it.

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