I Need Help With This Program The Obejct Is Well Write A Sentence In An Input File And Have The Program Ouput It To The Output Text Or .txt And I Have The Code Written And Everything But Im Getting Some Stupid Errors And Its Written On Console Application I Would Appreciate It For Ne One To Help

I Mean Have The Ouput File Also Say The Number Of Vowels And Constanants And Spaces In The File Sorry Forgot That Ne Oen Plz

1) you say that you have some errors, but you didn't look at the error, otherwise i think you figure out that you have an ','(comma) there....
2)Do Not Write In This Way Anymore....
3) your code is a total mess...try to use crowds and the "in" reserved word. you'll find more about that in help.

best regards,

thanx i used my book but im all good on it now i finished it and got a hundo and the apptite console we have to use the teacher says so....... but ne ways thanx for your help guys and ill prolly post more when needed and thats also how i write wuick and easy to understand later

if your code is fully functional, comment and post it here, in this way other newbies can learn

best regards,

ok will do for those who might need this later on for whatever reason and that i also like to help people out so here my program enjoy and

Best Regards

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