please help me to make my Java programming project.
my teacher required me to make at least a very simple game using java application. Since we're still on the basic Java, however I tried to make my own, I still cannot. Please!!!! anyone can help me to make a simple java programming game (word games, any) as my guide.

Please help me in my problem as a means of help and as a sign of gestures.
Thank you


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We here at Daniweb do not do your homework assignments for you. If you require our assistance, please post some code of your own, and we'll help you work through your problem.

Thanks for your understanding on this matter.

Well here is a suggestion. A good game that a beginner could do might be a Mad-Lib. You know those old Mad-Lib books where it asked you for a noun, an adjective, a verb, etc. and then it had a story with your crazy words in it?

If you break down what's involved with something like that, you will see it is all stuff that you probably learned already. First, prompt the user for different words, and store them as different variables such as "verb" and "noun1" and "noun2".

Then, print out a string using concatenation to combine a string in quotes with the variables between the sentences.

Another nice and easy beginner game would be something like a number guess. Do a search here on on google to find out how to generate a random number between 1 and 100 and store it as a variable. Then, use a loop to prompt the user to enter their guess of the secret number. You can use conditionals (an if statement) to tell the user whether they are too high or too low. You'll keep re-prompting the user, and eventually break out of the loop when they corretly guess the secret number. You can even use an accumulator, a loop counter, to keep track of how many iterations of the loop there were. Then, at the end of the program, you can tell the person how many guesses it took them to correctly guess the number.

Hope these ideas proved useful and helpful!

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