hey, here i have a question. i want to select a directory path alone... For example, by using "openfiledialog" control, we can select the file path (eg., d:\sample\dest.txt). But i want to select only the path (eg., d:\sample\).... can anyone help me ? thanks in advance...........

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This will return "d:\sample"



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or role your own if you don't want to import IO library for such trivial things;

public class MyPathInfo
		public MyPathInfo()
			// TODO: Add constructor logic here

		public static string GetDir(string path)
			string dir = path.Substring(0, findLastSlash(path)+1);

			return dir;

		private static int findLastSlash(string path)
			int curPos = 0;
			int slashPos = -1;
			int startPos = 0;

			while(curPos != -1)
				if(startPos > 0)
					slashPos = curPos;

				curPos = path.IndexOf("/", startPos);
				startPos = curPos;

			return slashPos;

Sorry it's C# but I can't type VB anymore I did it for years, but now it just makes my teeth jangle ;)

Why not use the FolderBrowserDialog in the tool box?

thanks for all ur replies.........i found the answer...using 'browseforfolder' control and "selectedpath" function we can get it

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