I've been told that for the next term i must do a programming project of my own choice. Any ideas on how I can impress?

What kind of project you want to make.
I mean is it a stand alone or web based?.

you can impress by doing it yourself, which will be a breath of fresh air from all the kids who just look up some ready made code on the internet and turn it in as their own.

So no instant messenger, CPU scheduling simulation, airline reservation system, etc. etc.

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Same here mate.
I still have to figure out what project I will be coding for my final year.

AI seemed a really interesting way to go.

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i must do a programming project of my own choice.

kind off says it all ...
you're supposed to choose it yourself, so you can take a topic that you find interesting so you'll stay motivated.
another reason is because they want to see whether or not you are capable of deciding on a topic in which you can use all the techiques you've learned so far.

3 years after and the kiddo comes back with the exact same question?
What's it been doing all this time? Playing with its XBox?

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The AI is realy interesting but i'm wondering if one yeay could be sufficient; just the XOR function stoped the research for more that 20 year in the neural network!!!
but if you'r interested you can consult this adress just for insperation.
Hope this helps

And if you are a fan of movies I recommendto see the Steven Spielberg's movies AI it is a great one.

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Thanks for the ideas :D

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