Im using VC++ express and usually i come across situations where i have to create more than one project within the solution. But the problem is that each time i create a new project inside the solution, i have to go to the new project's property pages to add the custom include directories and libraries.

So, i was wondering if there is any way for me to inherit the properties of other projects in the solution without me going and adding the custom include and library directories each and every time?

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Did i ask this in the wrong forum? I hope my question isn't confusing


:) oh boy. Finally, i suppose there's a question that's stumped the pro's. just kidding.

But none the less, thanks for politely ;) telling me to look up the answer somewhere else. :)


I've come across this problem with vs2005 pro, I never found a solution but what I do is:
Create an empty project with all the settings (etc) I need then save it. Create a backup of the project. Create a new solution and import the project file. Do this for every project you need, just make sure that each time you import the project you make a backup of the empty project with the settings in it so that is isn't overwritten bij VS.
I know it's a ugly way to solve the problem, but it sort of works...

Regards Niek

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