Ok here is what I am trying to do now !
I have everything I need to take a list of computers and run the script on them. Now I need to grab the list of computers.
So this will require grabbing an intranet website that contains all of our computers. Is anyone familiar with CA ? Any experianced users of Computer Associates networking software knows the list I am talking about. For those who dont any assistance with grabbing and reading a website for manipulation would be great. I am new to this forum so I have not quite searched thru yet so forgive this please I am at work while I am trying to gain this information.

I don't have any experience with CA, but do you have access to the file for the page that displays the list of computers? If you do, you might be able to just grab the file then parse it to get your list of computers...I don't know if the file for listing the computers uses a dynamic mechanism for getting its list, or how it gets its list of computers tho, so I don't know if this will work or not...Have you looked at the code for the web page?

Nope no acess to the file list.
Now here is the thing. The website itself contains all the computers listed, but it would be some work getting the junk cut out of the page to leave only the computers listed.
On the website it has a link in which you can click on that downloads a .txt file filled with the computers listed. When I look at the links properties it just gives me javascript:SubmitForm()

the form it submits contains all of the computers station names that I need. I think this is dynamically reading everything from the website, and not storing a .txt file. I will ask around to see if somewhere on my network it stores the list, but I am working with the worst case scenario that no where does it list these stations but the website itself. In that case I have a few idea's that would require a lot of work not to mention the use of getting the websites information which will be somewhat new to myself for what I am trying.

Anyhow.. with that said. say I just need to read a website, please give any example that could help.

OK update :)

AHH HAAA .. there is an option to download the list of machines to an excel spreadsheet. It also gives me a link for doing this instead of a javascript function .. so now I got something more easier to work with.

I have just never really read from an excel spreadsheet before, but this seems more promising.

So new request !! How to read from an excel spreadsheet and maniupualte it ?

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