hi corrado, i am an undergraduate of electrical engineering. i am currently working on a project titled "PC-based temperature monitoring and control device". the hardware is interfaced to the system through the serial port.

the whole idea behind the project is to recieve signals from the hardware and displays it on the screen.

the user enters the time range for which he wants the system to work and/or the temp range for which the system works.

if the temperature and/or time range specified is reached, the system stops the operation.

pls help me out.
thanks so much

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i think it is easy to do in vb. the hardware your refferring , does it have a SDK or you create it ? i did machine then, i use bill acceptor..
i guess its the same prinsiple.. receeiving pulse or signal trhu serial or parallel port..
even the software its too easy.. so how do u want me to help you?

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